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Total Records: 11
Name: Yash Raj
Date: 23-Nov-2013

How you know: Through Search engines
Rating: Excellent
Profession: student
Comment: Loreto Convent is the best school in the world. My sister studies here. I wish I could have studied here
Date: 14-Sep-2013

How you know: I am a parent here
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Govt. Official
Comment: Great to see the performance/ personal profile of children.
Name: Anuprita Sarkar
Date: 30-Jun-2013

How you know: I am an ex-student
Rating: Excellent
Profession: student
Comment: This site is extremely good and stunning and keeps students as well as parents updated about the happenings in the school... I sincerely thank sister Marion Vase(EX-PRINCIPAL)and the whole team for their hardwork...

Total Records: 11